Handmade Ceramic Footed Trinket Dish with MCM Etruscan Horse or Llama Design

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Unique Handmade Ceramic Footed Trinket Dish featuring a captivating Mid-Century Modern design reminiscent of an Etruscan Horse or Llama, you decide. Only shows subtle signs of usage wear, adding to its charm.

Use it as a trinket dish, ring holder, key holder or even a convenient cell phone holder. The dish's dimensions, approximately 7.25" in length, 5.25" in width, and 1.75" in height at the corners, make it a versatile and functional addition to your space. Whether placed on a dressing table, nightstand, or living room shelf, this ceramic footed trinket dish is sure to be a conversation starter, combining artistry and practicality in one piece.

Condition: Pre-Owned